Companies Registered at Heaton House

Heaton Holdings Ltd

Group management company with a wide range of strategic investments.

Number: 01604821

Heaton Consolidated Property Holdings Ltd

Non trading parent company

Number: 03384314

Heaton Property Investments Ltd

High quality commercial property investments across Hampshire and Sussex

Number: 02139997

Strand Harbour Securities Ltd

Owns and manages Cams Estate, Fareham

Number: 02088171

Strand Harbour Developments Ltd

Development Management

Number: 08432944

Portchester Park (Management) Company Ltd

Owns and manages Portchester Park Business Park

Number: 02492749

Ocean Harvest Technology (UK) Ltd

Improving animal nutrition using the power of the sea

Number: 11172857

The Management Team

Stuart Waring

Civil engineer with over 40 years construction and development expertise

Fraser Whyte

Chartered surveyor with extensive experience in commercial property development

David Hosier

Chartered accountant with 30 years of construction and business management experience